PAH-S1 Series

Incredible chambers, support & service.
These chambers are reliable and superbly built.

Ron Linden MD | Medical Director at Ontario Wound Care Inc.


PAHi’s new 38 inch chamber offers the reliable PAH-S1 operating system with new features in a bigger and stronger design.

 The support & response from PAHI over the years have been superb. The quality of the product speaks for itself. Every patient who has been in another monoplace chamber vastly prefers the PAHI chamber. ”      — PAHI Customer North Houston, TX

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The PAH-S1-3200 Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber offers features not available in any other chamber design. Safety, Quality, Comfort, and Affordability make the PAH-S1 the State-of-the-Art in hyperbaric oxygen treatment systems.

Great Chambers. Have never had an issue in the seven years using this type (model) of chamber. Thank you! 

Charlotte Brooks RN, BSN, CHS Gordon Hospital

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The PAH-M10+2 Hyperbaric Chamber System is a Class A multiplace hyperbaric chamber designed to treat up to 10 patients, at up to a maximum operating pressure of 6 Atmospheres Absolute (ATA) or 73.5 pounds per sq. inch gauge (psig). The chamber uses compressed air as the pressurization gas and 100% oxygen as the hyperbaric treatment gas.

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VersalVent Model V1 Hyperbaric Ventilator

Introducing the VersalVent Model V1 Hyberbaric Chamber Ventilator available only from Pan-America Hyperbarics. An easy to use hyperbaric ventilator guaranteed to provide accurate and reliable function under any condition.

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Hydraulic Gurney

The deluxe hydraulic patient gurney has a wide and fire-retardant mattress and an easy adjustable backrest allowing the patient to select a comfortable supine position for treatment.

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